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Otaru Nishikien

Overlooking the view of Otaru Canal Park.
Please enjoy Otaru's four seasons and history.

Otarunishikien is able to feel the history of Otaru, Otarunishikien is located near Otaru Canal Park.
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, the seasonal Otaru can be felt Otaru sticking to the garden, you can spend a relaxing time.
It is stuck with the view from the guest room and you can taste the historical landscape.
Access to sightseeing is also easy, the Otaru Museum of Art is 700 meters away, and New Chitose Airport is 88 km away.

Commitment of Nishikien

Ryokan standing on the side of canal park where you can feel the history of Otaru most.

"運河公園" is located at the place where it was a barge of Otaru Branch of former NYK Line Corporation, which is an important national cultural property designated by the country.

There is a playground equipment building and a rest building which recycled the stone warehouse of Meiji and Taisho in the garden, and there is a fountain pond imitating the form of "船入澗" at that time in the center.

There are also bronze statues of Yuri Hiroi and Ito Omote, who were engaged in the port of Otaru port, as well as the bronze statues of people familiar with Otaru, such as the families of "赤い靴" well known for children's songs, the history of Otaru It is a park that you can feel everywhere.

The garden like Nishiki welcomes you.

The strict commitment of Nishikien is a beautiful garden every season, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
It is a must-see for the garden designed to feel the Otaru's four seasons.
The interior of the garden reproduces the old Otaru building, and it also sticks to the interior and antique items.
Please enjoy the interior mixed with old-fashioned Japanese and Otaru's good times modern.